37 thoughts on “Presonus Studio One – 15 Things I Like About Studio One

  1. Regardless, melodyne is still $99 value. I didn’t realize it was the cut down version. Sorry about that.

  2. An even easier way to add event fx is to hold down the Alt key and drag and drop the fxfrom the browser and drop it direct onto the event

  3. Nice video! I’ve been an S1 user for 3 years, now. I get asked, often, what I use… and why? You hit all of the major reasons, very well. I think I’m just going to start referring people to this video, when they ask, from now on. lol.

  4. By the way, the only thing that I would have to say (correct) is that PreSonus does charge for a major (full number) upgrades. However, it is typically very reasonable. I believe that I paid $99 for the upgrade from Version 1.6 to Version 2…. and the upgrade was significant and powerful. I had no complaints for the $99 fee. The minor (“point”) updates are free (like to update from Version 2 to version 2.5)… and it was still a very significant upgrade at that.

  5. All good points. My point in the video was, compared to Pro Tools $300 price tag, I would think Studio One would be less expensive. Glad you enjoyed the video overall. Thanks for supporting my videos.

  6. excellent video
    i also had work with another daws like cubase, protools, digital performer and other daws and i found that Studio One 2.5 is the best DAW for me. it is a workflow, very easy to use and have great plugins

  7. Thanks so much for the kind words! Glad to have your support and advocacy. Keep it up!

  8. thank you for the kind word Luis! I am glad you like Studio One and are having luck with it!

  9. Great video! As a former Cubase 6.5 user I remember being constantly told about Studio One. I tried it but it didn’t have the chase events feature so I was like no way. Then they told me try it some months later. The feature was there and retrospective record plus I could export audio projects from Cubase using xml format for Studio One to read. The long and short of it is I’ve switched over and I have a vsl 1818 and faderport rocking my music! Stellar sound and workflow!

  10. Great Video!!!!! I reallu appreciate the Genuineness of how you describe your reasoning for switching to this DAW. Ive always had Studio ONe Artist on my Mac but I never used it. Until you mentioned the Stability of Studio ONe, I wasnt planning on it, but now im ready to dive in because I hate how many times my DAW of choice (Ableton Live) has been crashing. Im a Full Time Producer+Hip Hop/RNB songwriter who pays his bills off of my sessions with Local artists and STABILITY IS KEY!THANX AGAIN

  11. Great Review – Been a S1 Pro user for about 2 months now and this daw is the best. I was a protools 8 user for a couple of years and after my keylok broke in half.,  I Decided it was time for a change. S1 fit the bill and than some.

    Always Amazed at what it brings to the table.

  12. And another thing that’s great is the power to switch from studio one format to protools or Cuba’s for all u hard core protools and cubase and other daws…so it will feel more at home

  13. i use olso studio one and i like it ,only problem i have my studio one do not rekenase sam of my plugins like rekabinet or sampletank, put my cubase artist 6.5 do it

  14. ~Great Video
    I agree with everything if not most
    Of what you’ve said about S1 in comparison
    To the other DAWS those are all great too yes
    But compared to what SO has to offer since it’s still
    Pretty new I believe it can only & should get even
    Better & become industry standard like Protools
    Stability is definitely key for anyone who is looking
    At a DAW I believe that’s one of the top 3 things on their list

  15. this is due to lack of a bit bridge in studio one…so for instance if you are running 64 bit studio one you can’t run 32 bit plugins in it…..I hope they update it in the future so that feature is there

  16. Actually, the version of Melodyne you get with S1 is Melodyne Essential, which retails for $99.

  17. Key to remember also is that for $200, you can get a version with full plugin support and unlimited track count.

  18. GREAT, I’m was a protools user (from 5.1 version to 10) – Now, after I’ve tried almost all DAWs on the market, I decide to move to S1, two months and so happy !!! 🙂

  19. Hi and thx for Ur contribution for S1 success, I’m a S1 addict too! One of a cool and wonderful thing U didn’t mention here and, IMO, is a very efficient tip for busy-busy guy like U is the music loop fonctionnality, very effective for multi outs VSTi like EzDrummer or Addictive Drum. This feature allow us to save a complete set of mixer track w/ Fx on each etc…..Tell me if U use it. Cheeeers!

  20. I switched from sonar to studio one pro, and never looked back. Studio One, is a great/the best DAW


  22. Just watched it; thank You for recording such a reflected description of what You like about S1! Been thinking about which DAW to finally get for months, as I´m only about to get started on a hobby basis, but couldn´t make up my mind. Kept peeking at Ableton for long, but finally began leaning towards S1 since the last week. Your video again fostered my train of thoughts, thanks! Two minor questions: What prog did You use for recording this vid? Any opinion on Ableton´s sound quality, anyone?

  23. Thanks for the kind words. I am not a “professional product review guy” by any means. I am just trying to give some information that hopefully will help people. After being completely and truly disappointed with ProTools 10 I am thrilled to work with a DAW that is so stable.

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