Audio Mastering

Audio Mastering Service     You notice that you are always adjusting the volume from song to song. You may also notice that you need to turn your CD up compared to an established artist CD. Maybe your music is lacking that extra something you can’t explain. Still yet, some of you may hear people […]

Studio Mixing

Most people think that having great talent is all it takes to have a great recording. Well if you take Aretha Franklin and send her to a studio that had no clue on what they were doing, you would end up with a really bad sounding record. The best sounding recordings sound that way because […]

Studio Tracking

Before a song can be mixed or mastered, it has to be first recorded (tracked). Weather you need a place to record your band, solo or audio book, we can provide you the place to get it done professionally and done the right way. Even if you plan to have another studio mix and master […]