48 thoughts on “Presonus Studio Channel vacuum tube mic preamp review

  1. you and me both my brotha, I’m diggin it…almost bought it a couple of weeks before they sent me one!

  2. Nice pre, your voice sound much better with that pre, and you where at a wide distance away from the mic, and it still picked your voice up delivering a full quality sound. Thanks for showing and sharing Brother Saintjoe.

  3. Another good review Joe. If you get a chance, check out the ART Voice Channel Tube Microphone Preamp System with Digital In/Out. It has great features and comes prepacked with digital in/out (ADAT & SPIDF). You don’t have to worry about crazy gain staging problems. It also has an impedence knob to match or find the sweet spot for your individual mic. Lastly, it boasts EQ and desser capability, great meters and great character for almost any mic. I copped mine for $307 on sale – it’s dope!

  4. Great review! I’ve been using mine since they came out and I love it. The Studio Channel also makes Dynamic and cheaper mics sound really good. I’d give it a 6 outs 5….lol

  5. Yep, I’m using a dynamic broadcast style mic, it’s awsome LOL 6 out of 5, lol man I LOVE it, but I absolutely despise notched knobs LOL smh…that’s just my personal thing…it’s really a non issue ahahaha.

  6. One of the best channel strips for the money is the ssl alpha channel. U get an ssl super analogue preamp, ssl eq, and a limiter. The best thing is there is great a/d converter on it with spdif, so even if u have an mbox or something it will improve your preamp and conversion.

  7. i just bought this havent had the chance use it but thankx for the run thru gonna have fun with this…thankx

  8. Good review Joe. Channel strips are a big time saver b/c you don’t have to do as much with the audio once its already recorded. I have a Drawmer MX Pro 60 Front End which has a really good pre despite the price. The Drawmer channel strip doesn’t have notched knobs on it like your Presonus Studio Channel and I actually prefer the stepped or notched knobs b/c it’s easier to match settings or duplicate settings. Anyway congrats on your new channel strip.

  9. cool man thanks for the reply! Yeah like I said, the knob thing is a personal preference, I don’t mind it in some cases, and on others I don’t like it. Sometimes it can be hard to dial in exactly what you want when a knob is notched, and other times it’s useful for getting what you want. But either way, this thing is dope!

  10. Looks dope, thanks for review… I’d like to hear that on some Atomic Beats guitar, might have to cop that one. Wondering how the compressor would sound on bass too. Good stuff.

  11. Yep I just bought one of these last week…Swapped the tube with a Tungsol 12A87 and my vocals sound great now that I have found the best settings for my voice..Love it..I’m using it with the AT4033/CL. Nice video. I will be posting one soon.

  12. nice review. i use an ART Digital MPA gold pre. i think i upgraded the tubes too. gave it a really nice sound. tubes can work wonders. but if you arent familiar with the tube it can ruin the sound.

  13. No doubt fam, thanks for checkin it out, I’m diggin this unit, got my eyes on a few nice tubes that work well with mic preamps.

  14. Thanks for posting! Great work, we really appreciate you taking the time to put this together. :)

  15. I bought this last year… Still use it till this day. Very awesome sound. I like the fact that the knobs are “notched” because I can go to a point in the knob where I feel it’s precised. I don’t know.. That’s just me. Keep up the good work posting this type of stuff man. You my hero. -Eddie Griffin Voice- lol

  16. No doubt fam, it sounds great for sure. I like a notched knob in some cases, and in other cases not so much, when I’m tweaking certain things sometimes I just need to be free LOL

  17. maybe folks dont have a grand, for an ssl strip, just because you spend more money doesnt mean it will give you better results. this strip i have been looking at too, but as of right not now, dont need it, for the set up i have.

  18. i just had to make that known man, it happens on a lot of walls on fb too, cats throw around dollar amounts like everybody needs the most expensive gear.

  19. This definitely is a nice sounding channel strip I own two and mainly use them as plugins in studio one

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