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  1. yo whats good…i use nuendo 3 as well and i need a lil help here..i just got a motif and a m3 rite..now..i understand how you got the midi to play thru usb which i have as well..but how are you and are you exporting your midi patterns and turning them into waves? or are you only using 1 sound for each board? cause as soon as you try to go to midi 2 and use another sound it will also change on the board and the 1st pattern you did will be that sound as well..

  2. I found a good one: go to Google and type “Nuendo Tutorial – Video Training CD / DVD – Beginners” You’ll have several lessons for free (including the project setup), and they are quite handy.

  3. how can i make my vocals sound clear on nuendo 2 i have a rode nt1 mic with a us 122 tascam but i dont now how to edit the vocals to sound clear

  4. How come when I record with Nuendo I cant hear the beat or anything when I’m rapping please help me out a Lil bit

  5. Yes you can, however you have to find the audio file from the other song and import it.

  6. I have a trinity keyboard, when i used my keyboard to control a VST it works fine, but when i want to play the sound in the trinity there is no sound, when i record i can see that Nuendo has recorded what i play but when i do a play back, ther’s no sound…HELP

  7. This is a great video. In 4 minutes you teach a musician all he needs to know to easily record audio properly and with ease.

  8. when im previewing the plug in effects i cant hear the track tht ive highlighted being played with the effect why

  9. if you have the monitor icon selected on the track, this track wont be heard when you press play. May be its what it happens to you.

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