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  1. Hi, Cubase is complicated, it is a serious recording system. But it’s not a matter of ‘how long will it take to create something decent?’, as once you have learned the basics, everything you do will sound great to you, for a while. Then a month later you think ‘wow, how did I ever make that mistake? I’m so much better now’.
    Don’t be scared of it. To get up to a basic level of competence won’t take long, then you learn more skills as time goes on.
    Hope you get into it. Good luck!

    Can Cubase not be learned or used unless You have a Synthetiser or Other Instrument?
    I’ve started to learn it from a friend before I decide to by but got the same problem than him. The Tutor teached about recording and no MIDI Input was found – The Tutor did even not explained where it comes from as continuing himself… Googeling shown us that such MIDI In or Output Driver is only available if having some Hardawre like Guitar and so ON installed..
    Do I need to buy a Guitar 2 learn?

  3. @worldcomedyproducts it’s really easy getting started into cubase 6. Well that’s what I heard plus when you buy cubase you get a ‘getting started’ manual which helps a ton. With you knowing the basics from FL studio it’s no doubt you could handle cubase 6. Good luck on producing on.

  4. sorry if this sounds like a stupid question but i have been using fl studio for a little and i know that i want to be an electronic music producer when i get older. mainly produce french disco and house like justice. is cubase too complicated? how long did it take u guys to fully understand it? how long would it take me to get to the point where i could produce a track with minor problems and somewhat know what im doing?

  5. When I watch this video I feel like I’m watching one of those wild life videos with that one British guy talking softly while he watches the animals.

  6. Yes, Cubase 6 comes with several ‘VST Instruments’ or ‘plug-ins’ such as Halion. Halion contains lots of instruments such as piano, guitar, synths. You write your notation into one of the channels, then select halion as the output of that channel and voila. I’d look into tutorials before buying & getting frustrated, or torrent an earlier version and have a play.

  7. You can enter notes through the score editor, the MIDI editor or capture from a MIDI keyboard. Any edits that you make on the score will be reflected in the MIDI editor and vice-versa. Most people will use a combination of methods.

    As to whether Cubase can play it all as you wish will depend on the instruments and articulations that you require. You might need the Halion Orchestra or you might want an even more powerful VST orchestral library (e.g., EWQLSO).

  8. I agree this video doesnt show that much….I dont have cuebase yet but heard some great things from my peers at MCC you guys need to show more if it wasnt from word to mouth wouldnt even consider getting it please more videos!!!

  9. looks pretty kool.. ! great job on VST expression! i was waiting for something like that. but I’m not leaving Reaper tho.. 🙂

  10. I’ve got a question: if, for example, I want to write a soundtrack as a musical notation and have Cubase playing it for me with the instruments I want to, could I or would I need to buy some additional plug-ins and stuff?

  11. I can see why the makers of Cubase work on making music and not movies. Seriously though, Cubase has to be THEE sickest daw out there. Definitely getting it!

  12. Currently I own CS4, it works great for what i use it with (making backing tracks out of MIDI files) does this latest version takes less CPU processing?

  13. Funny video – gorging on gorgonzola – but the new features look brilliant, group edit is a great time saving idea. Edit individual midi notes – ace. New amp sounds good too. Must upgrade. Hope theres no probs transfering files from from cubase 5 on xp to cubase 6 on windows 7?

  14. what I’d love to see is a complete new playback engine in the next version I love cubase and the workflow with it but I find that even my old pro tool sounds better —I don’t know why but I find it does —I’m gonna buy this though cause it IS a must have if you play write and record music a lot

  15. Looks like Cubase finally looking towards multi track live audio editing. I hope that drum editing feature is finally an answer to the Pro Tools “elastic audio.”

    Wasn’t sure through this video, but if that’s what it is… I am upgrading from cubase 4.

    But a new version so soon….

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