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Can Mastering Fix My Mix?

YES and NO! – Mastering is the final stage a song goes through before releasing it to the masses. When mastering for an album, it’s important that the whole album is set to the same output volume so the listener does not have to change the volume between tracks. But in a nutshell mastering can only only fix EQ and level problems of the WHOLE track and not the sounds in the mix.

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How Do I Get Paid For My Music On The Radio?

There are a few things that MUST BE in place BEFORE you put your music online or on the radio in order to get paid performance royalties. Clients of our studio learn what it takes to make sure they are protected and that they are set up to get paid royalties. Contact us for more information.

How Long Does It Take To Mix A Song?

This is the most MIS-UNDERSTOOD process of studio recording. Many people think the day you record your song it’s finished. Some people want to track, overdub and then mix it all in the same day. Your mix may sound OK but it’s the wrong thing to do. Mixing a song could take a few days when done right.

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How Long Does It Take To Record A Song?

This depends on the singer(s). Never come to the studio to learn a song or write a song, this adds up to your cost. If you are recording to an instrumental 2-track, the average time is 2 hours to record vocals and hooks and adlibs per song. This could be as low as 40 minutes if you really know the song and what you plan to do. However, with a live band this time is tripled or more.

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Should I Use Beats I Downloaded?

This is a very popular way for many to record however in the music industry, this is a no no. Professional people will always record to songs that are completely tracked out. This is the best way to get a truly professional mix. When you compare a song that was recorded using a 2-track (beat instrumental) to a song that was tracked out, there is no comparison. The tracked out version will always win. Using beats is okay for demos but never for professional industry standard releases. Get the tracked version when possible.

What Is The Purpose Of A Copyright?

A copyright basically protects the person or people who actually wrote the song. It has nothing to do with being paid royalties and is only used in a court of law when another party makes claim to the same song. In music there are basically two types of copyrights: Form PA (Performance Arts) and Form SR (Sound Recording). Form PA protects who wrote the lyrics and music. Form SR protects the finished mixed song and protects your song from being sampled and re-used by others.