50 thoughts on “Audio Recording Techniques : How to Start a Home Studio

  1. i have built a home studio in my large attic and i am using the lexicon omega studio bundle is this a good set

  2. I’ve got a Lexicaon Alpha. Are using the software which comes with or another one ?

  3. This guy is an idiot.
    What he is describing is how to set up a PROFESSIONAL Studio in a home.

  4. hi guys, im a noob when it comes to recording.. and im just beginning to start building my own, however im getting confused with 1 thing, can someone explain to me the different between a mic preamp/sound card/audio interface? like the apogee ensemble what does it do exactly, how do i get my mics into my computer, and could i put anything else on the signal before they reach the computer?

  5. just buy protools le its comes with a mic inputs speaker out put and line and digital inputs

  6. “home” “studio”… you can read, right? it doesnt specify a studio for hobbyists or professionals…You’re the only idiot here dude. lol…wow.

  7. you went out and bought something like that not knowing if it is “good”? lol…

  8. no i believe it is a great and expensiveness little sound board ,but i wanted your opinion

  9. depends on if you want to record more of the ambient sound or the single sounds… if you want to record every single part of the drums, i wouldn´t recommend a condenser mic

  10. out of all the vocal software programs you recommended, what ONE would you recommend to a person that uses a akai mpd 32 drum machine and owns a pc labtop and also one thats pretty easy to use and to navigate. please reply asap. thanks! 🙂

  11. hello i have a Aw16G yamaha a small home studio device. smooth device. what i want to know can i produce a whole album with this? use all effects inside mastering and making a cd with good quality? thats my attention to have get this. i need good advice and tips thanks, i know it is a learning curve on this :))

  12. If you enjoy this video then you would probably like my videos. I also want to teach people about audio production 😀

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  14. @ortLA Dunno whether or not you still need replies, but hewego: Condenser mic in a PREAMP. Preamp needs phantom power. The mic input probably has high, mid, low eq, volume, pan, (polarity) and gain control knobs for sound adjusting. You can send audio from the preamp to the (min. 16.24 bit recording)soundcard, but if your preamp doesn’t have a balanced output and you want to do all of this right, an interface between your soundcard and preamp is needed to get a balanced audio signal in the pc.

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  20. about the condenser microphones, how many hundred bucks does a not-so-professional mic cost?

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  22. I don’t see how this is funny. I happen to live in a box underneath a bridge and am very happy.

  23. hello i write songs i just started recording at home with a £200 zoom r8 song recorder.Im hitting a wall with vocals if i turn up the vocal gain i get the sound i want but with ambiance hiss and when i turn it down the hiss is hidden in the guitar chords but the voice is lost in the mix.Click my name to hear a song example,but this was my first try and turned out ok and took me 3 nights but i didnt write down the process and now im crying >;@ please help.good vocal no hiss on a zoom R8 🙂

  24. btw i use a Japanese Programme called UTAU and if you reocrd in a studio it would maek ti sound human check it out one day^^

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