25 thoughts on “Audio Recording Techniques : How to Set Up a Mixing Console

  1. sure you need an interface…. but unless you are recording a full orchestra I wouldn’t think you’d need 32 at a time… I’m talking about faders and eqs… does anyone really use a hard eq off a mixing board anymore?

  2. why my voice sond qualty is very scrachy when i sing loud,i use only mixer mic and headphone,i use wavepad audio software, there is litle speaker with mey pc

  3. Hi, I like your video. May I know what is the video cam’s brand and model? What is the format file and yr software used ( Sony vegas?). Many thanks.

    Miss Kino (kinonin@gmail.com)

  4. Stereo Mixing can seriously ruin a song look at Strawberry Fields Forever Listen to it with ear phones and then compare it to the mono mix. I prefer Mono Much more

  5. Agreed! This engineer is in a whole ‘nother league than the people at expert village. Great explanation.

  6. Wow, would I love to produce like this. Who wouldn’t, really? Frank also is a very good teacher. 😀

  7. These videos are great, simple stuff but informative, even if you know this stuff it’s a good refesher course, thanks!

  8. you know I agree that we have awesome computers today but the reason why they still use these is for mic pre’s and the channel strip . even today these desk worth they’re pound of gold basically I would love to have that Neve desk instead of my DAW mixer !!!

  9. If you don’t have one — you should make a video explaining the patch panel in depth. The types of connectors, types of connections (normalled, half-normalled, open etc). Maybe even delve into a bit more of the signal flow type stuff. I’ve learned a TON from your tutorials, and I scored an apprenticeship/internship at a very nice studio in my city. I’m looking for a tutorial where someone can explain these types of things as clear as you’ve done with your videos.

  10. Fantastic post, enjoying every word. I’d give my right nut for all that hardware………..10/10

  11. can someone please tell me what sort of math is involved in this? i am going to music tech college this year and im curious. 🙂

  12. I got one of that fuckers from ebay nearly for free.. maybe you will have luck some day 😉

  13. Out of curiousity; Do such big and flexible mixing consoles have a MIDI input somewhere? And if not a direct MIDI input, is there any other way to work with a MIDI controler in the big studio such as this one.

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